Current time for Imperia in Italy

Imperia is an administration centre in Italy with a population of 39458. Time and date in Imperia is now Wednesday the 1st of April, 05:07am. This is also known as Imperia, Imperija, Impéria, inperia and Империя.

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Local time in italyLocal time in italyLocal time in italyLocal time in italyLocal time in italy
ZONE: Europe/Rome
Daylight saving time
April 2015



Full moon in
moon is 11 days old, and waxing.

Weather and climate

Imperia Wednesday the 1st of April 11:00-17:00

2 in Imperia Temperature in 16°c
60 °F
Light breeze from southeast Wind Wind 1.7 meters per second no rainNo rain

Sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset

Sun today

Twilight begin: 06:39
Sunrise: 07:08
Sunset: 19:54
Twilight end: 20:23

Keeping the time in Imperia

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Current timezone

Timezone: Europe/Rome
Greenwich Mean Time: GMT +1

Daylight saving time

daylight saving time

Daylight saving time starts 26. March 2:00 am 2017
Daylight saving time ends 29. October 3:00 am 2017